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sIG33 15cm Heavy Infantry Gun w/ Ammo (1:35)

The 15cm s.IG.33 (schweres Infanterie Geschütz 33) close infantry support guns designed by Rheinmetall in 1927 were the standard German heavy infantry field gun of WW2. Conventional in design yet rather heavy in weight for infantry use the early horse-drawn models had pressed steel wheels with steel rims while the later production models had pressed steel wheels with later war guns having wooden spoke wheels both with solid rubber tyres and air brakes for vehicle towing.

They were introduced into the German military in 1933, hence the designation. About 4,600 were made during the design's production life. The 15cm sIG 33 close infantry support guns were made in many variants, some of which were mounted on vehicles such as the chassis of a Panzer II, 38(t), Panzer III, and Panzer IV tanks, making them self-propelled guns.

This kit has 227 parts in beige plastic, 18 in etched brass, a single turned aluminium barrel plus the small decal sheet and instruction booklet.

sIG33 15cm Heavy Infantry Gun w/ Ammo (1:35)
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