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RAF BE12b (1:48)

Manufacture of the B.E.12b only began at the end of 1917 in parallel with extended production of the B.E.12a. In the end, Daimler built around 150 of the B.E.12b out of an initial order for two hundred. Planes were allocated to Home Defence squadrons in small groups at a time. In February, 1918 manufacture of the B.E.12b was ended. Planes were based in and around the suburbs of London: their basic purpose in the summer of 1918 was the interception of German bombers, and after the end of the bombing raids on the British Isles the B.E.12b switched their role to that of coastal patrol. At the end of the war in the ranks of the Royal Air Force there were 115 machines of the B.E.12b type, the majority of them deactivated or transferred to training units.
RAF BE12b (1:48)
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