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Nieuport 28cl (1:32)

A series of new fighters the Nieuport 24, the Nieuport 25 and the Nieuport 27 were progressive modernizations of the famous Nieuport 11 and Nieuport 17, which due to their very good flying characteristics, were possibly the best fighters at the time of their appearance. However, technical progress during the war years stepped on so briskly, that even the most successful designs could become obsolete within the year. At the end of 1917 it was decided to concentrate on building a conceptually new fighter. Unlike its predecessors, which were sesquiplanes rather than standard biplanes, the new fighter had wings of equal span and constant chord, and also an oval section fuselage (this innovation proved its worth in the Nieuport 27). By the beginning of 1918 there had taken place the first successful test flights of the new machine, designated the Nieuport 28
Nieuport 28cl (1:32)
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