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E99939 EFE Rail London U/Ground 1938 Tube 4-Car 1960s Northern

Whilst Exclusive First Editions is traditionally associated with diecast buses and road vehicles, the range of London Underground tube stock was always popular with collectors and railway modellers alike. Following our acquisition of EFE, we received many requests for motorised version of these models and we are proud to launch our new brand - EFE Rail - with a new motorised version of the 1938 Tube Stock! 


The 4-car set E99939 has been modelled on a 1960s Northern Line set, Train No. 40, working to High Barnet via Charing X (Charing Cross) and comprises:  Car A: Driving Motor Car No. 10292 Car B: Trailer Car No. 012370 Car C: Non-Driving Motor Car No. 12134 Car D: Driving Motor Car No. 11292 We are pleased to share with you these images of the livery samples which are undergoing final amendments prior to production. 


Features Include:


  • Interior Lighting
  • Coreless motor in each driving car driving both bogies 
  • Plux22 DCC Decoder Sockets (in cars A and D)
  • Provision for a ‘sugar cube’ speaker to be fitted
  • All-wheel pick up on the motorised vehicles
  • Detailed and decorated interiors
  • NEM coupling pockets allowing multiple trains to be coupled together
E99939 EFE Rail London U/Ground 1938 Tube 4-Car 1960s Northern
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