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ZIMO MX636D High Power Decoder specifically for the 21 pin MTC

by Zimo

OO/O gauge
25x15x3.5 mm
1.8 amp
10 function output
MTC 21-pin full power

ZIMO has just enhanced its high-performance decoder offer with the MX636D, a new high-power chip using the latest synchronous rectifier technology. Designed for ‘OO’ gauge motors where there is high power consumption, this new decoder can provide almost double the current of a standard decoder in a similar footprint. As a result, it also finds an immediate suitability in small single-motored ‘O’ gauge locomotives like tank engines or diesel shunters. It is equivalent to the 8-pin MX635R. Measuring just 26 x 15mm, with a thickness of 3.5mm, it packs a powerful punch, providing an impressive 1.8 Amp (2.5 Amp peak) motor rating and up to 8 function outputs.

As well as legendary silky-smooth motor control, this decoder incorporates ZIMO’s ground-breaking ‘smart-stop’ technology and has regulated on-board ‘stay-alive’ circuitry. This means that 16V capacitors can be attached as energy storage without the need for extra components and protection circuits. These fully integrated and automatic features revolutionise running characteristics by eliminating stalling, sound interruption and flickering lights on dirty or less than perfect trackwork. The MX636 also has the option of changing FO3 to FO6 from ‘open collector’ track voltage outputs to ‘logic level’ by a simple CV change.

ZIMO MX636D High Power Decoder specifically for the 21 pin MTC
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