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We provide the following services, Please contact us for information on these services. Telephone: 01274 747447, modelrailshop@fmrdirect.co.uk
Repair Service

We aim to complete all work in two to four weeks


Standard Repair or Locomotive Service

£15 + Parts
(Per Locomotive)

Repairs which take longer than one hour will be charged at an Hourly Rate of £30

Any repairs we are unable to complete will be charged a £10 Evaluation Fee


Hornby Dublo + Wrenn Remagnetise 
Standard motor only (excludes ringfield, pre-war and some wrenn motors)

Chassis only



While you wait

Body must be removed by customer

Complete Locomotive




We are unable to offer these services while you wait

Remag + Service

£15 + Parts

Locomotive repairs are carried out on our premises

Decoder Fitting


DCC Ready Locomotives

£15 + Decoder

Decoder of your choice where space allows

A £5 Discount will be applied when purchasing a locomotive.


Hard Wire Decoder Fitting

£20-£30 + Decoder

We are unable to fit decoders to the following:


-           Wrenn/ Hornby Dublo

-           Tri-ang

-           Split Chassis Mainline/ Bachmann + other

-           Non DCC ready N gauge

-           Hornby  Silver seal (very early   tender drive)

-           Kit built (unless RTR chassis)



Re-Name/ Re-Number/ Weathering
  • We provide a re-naming service, BASIC PRICE £30.00 this excludes nameplates (Price may change at point of ordering)
  • Re-number service- BASIC PRICE £20.00 (Price may change at point of ordering)
  • BASIC WEATHERING £24.00 (Preference to type of weathering available, MORE DETAILED WEATHERING IS AVAILABLE, price may change at point of ordering)
£5.00 Discount given when locomotive purchased from us on the above services
Please Note: Any Second Hand items purchased over the Internet (except our own) or from another
model shop will NOT be accepted for repair work by FMR and must be taken back to the original place of purchase.