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Cobalt slow action Point Motor

Zoom Cobalt slow action Point Motor
Cobalt slow action Point Motor  

A moveable fulcrum allows easy adjustment of blade closure  pressure and ensures that throw can be easily adjusted irrespective of scale,  type of point-work or thickness of baseboards.

Cobalt Classic has THREE on-board SPDT switches - one linked to the two power input wires is "diode controlled" and is perfect for panel lights or switching of signals, low current relay control or feedback/computer IO. The other two are tough 5 amp SPDT switches that you can use for frog power or any other form of switching/interlocking around the layout.

Cobalt Classic is compatible with all common modelling gauges from Z to G scale, and can be used with 2 or 3 rail systems from any brand, whether the layout is AC, DC or DCC powered. Cobalt Classic is easily and economically converted for DCC use with the addition of purpose designed AD-Series accessory decoders

Can be bought in singles, 6's or 12's. Discount will be given


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Cobalt slow action Point Motor
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Product Code: DCP-CB1 OMEGA
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Cobalt slow action Point Motor

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