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31st October 2023: Due to the availability of spare parts, it is becoming increasingly difficult to carry out serving & repairs.
Therefore we have had to make the decision to stop this service, we will however still be doing DCC & Sound Fitting.

Decoder Fitting


 DCC Ready Locomotives

£20 + Decoder

Decoder of your choice where space allows

A £5 Discount will be applied when purchasing a locomotive.

 OMNI Next18 DecoderHard Wire Decoder Fitting

£20+ Decoder
We are unable to fit decoders to the following:
-           Wrenn/ Hornby Dublo
-           Tri-ang
-           Split Chassis Mainline/ Bachmann + other
-           Non DCC ready N gauge
-           Hornby  Silver seal (very early tender drive)
-           Kit built (unless RTR chassis)



Sound Fitting

Hornby TTS Fitting

£15 fitting plus £50.99 Decoder
Zimo Sound Fitting
           Price Starts from £150.00 (Subject to change)  

         Price includes:     
       Sound file
       Installation time

Most new locomotives can be done, there are however some that cannot be done, for example some older locomotives or split chassis models.

For more information why not contact us  and ask a member of staff for more details. 



£5.00 Discount given when locomotive purchased from us on the above services

Please Note:
 Any Items not purchased from us (new) should be returned to the origional place of purchase for warranty repair.

Second Hand iterms purchased over the internet (except from us) will not be accepted and should also be returned to the origional place of purchase.